Ethical hacking and its effect on Internet Security

Who knew hacking could be ethical? It is always associated with negative outcomes and implications for the company or individual hacked. Ethical hacking is done for a good course, it involves testing the IT resources provided so as to know the loopholes that can be used by hackers. It is done for the betterment of IT. Ethical hackers come in handy when you want to prevent your system from cyber-attacks. Currently, we have over 30billion devices that are connected to the internet in the whole world.  The number is bound to increase as the internet users’ increase so ethical hacking is growing in importance.

The goal of an ethical hacker is to exploit and expose all the vulnerabilities that a criminal hacker can use so as to create safe and secure systems. Governments, corporations and businesses that take their cybersecurity seriously hire ethical hackers to use similar tools as criminal hackers to try to infiltrate their systems. Hacking is not a problem that is going to disappear soon, instead, it is bound to rise as the internet opportunities increase. This has created a crucial need for ethical hackers as they work towards improving internet securities. They are also referred to as “white hat hackers or penetration testers.

Ethical hacking
Ethical hacking

No cyber environment is 100% safe but the role of an ethical hacker is to ensure the risks in a particular environment are lowered. They are supposed to help mitigate the impact and implement the controls in the system to create the most effective and secure system. In hacking, trust is the most valued virtue as people hire you based on how trustworthy you are. The reputation and character of the hacker is what makes or breaks your career. Ethical hackers should always do the right thing and never get themselves involved in illegal activities as their career will be killed by this.

Benefits of Ethical Hacking

  • It saves you money as it protects your system from cyber-attacks by exposing vulnerabilities you never knew existed. Cyber-attacks can be very costly to an organization.
  • It helps save time that would have to be spent during a system downtime as a result of hacking. Penetration tests done regularly saves you from any hacking side effects.
  • Ethical hacking helps you resolve and discover other issues relating to your operating system, network infrastructure, application codes, non-compliance issues among others and patch them up.
  • It helps you know how well the users of your system are prepared to deal with an attack through social engineering. If they are vulnerable it would be wise for you to conduct a security training to create awareness.

Hiring a person who has certifications in hacking assures you of a knowledgeable hacking pro. Practical experience in hacking is also relevant as the practical training is what makes you a skilled ethical hacker.  There are also various programs that offer training and certifications and one can benefit from such certifications to boost your Internet security career.

It is always advisable to have an ethical hacker sign up a confidentiality contract and have a detailed information on devices and areas that are off-limits.