Relieve Tension

Do you stress a lot? Does your work involve a lot of tension? Are you hoping to relieve yourself of tension?

Well, guess what the following article lists out some of the most important facts about stress and tension. What are the 10 ways to relieve tension? We’ll be answering this question in this article. Humans didn’t know about stress or tension until a few years ago. It wasn’t until researchers figured out that the silent killer isn’t any disease but stress itself.

What are the top 10 ways to relieve stress and tension?

  • Music: If you feel stressed out, take a break and listen to a couple of songs. Music helps lower your blood pressure and also reduces cortisol too. Listen to music that soothes the mind. If you’re looking for some soft music, visit amazon online store and buy The King of Instrumental Music: Kenny G and Yanni Together.
  • Talk to a friend: Calling and speaking to a friend can help drop tension levels very low. It is a known fact that talking your issues out reduces tension and so if you call a friend while you’re a lot of pressure, pick up your phone and make a phone call.
  • Motivate: This may sound ridiculous but talking yourself through the tensed and stressed scenario is perhaps the best way cope up with a tensed situation. Go ahead and motivate yourself.
  • Eating habits: Do not eat anything that is unhealthy. Eating unhealthy can cause you discomfort. Always eat the right food at the right time. This will help relieve tension drastically. Fruits are very good choices here.
  • Laugh: Whether it is a funny TV show or perhaps a stand-up comedy run; laughing it off is another stress buster for us all. Laughter is the best medicine is perhaps the single most important rule here. Laughter decreases the levels of all the stress and tension causing hormones in our body.
  • Tea: Drink a cup of tea. Preferably green tea. Tea is a beverage that is extremely good for your health. A cup of tea helps bust tension instantly. Grean Tea is loaded with flavonoids and catechins, which acts as a powerful antioxidants. Choose higher quality brands to avoid health risks. You can buy premium Darjeeling Organic Bay Green Tea from Amazon.
  • Mindfulness: Most of the tips that are mentioned are for instantaneous relief. However, there are many remedies for relieving stress and tension on the long run. Practicing mindfulness with yoga along with breathing techniques can help eliminate stress permanently.
  • Exercising: Exercising even for a few minutes can help relieve stress too. Let go off your steam by running around the park or perhaps around your block. It is very effective regardless of how long you do it even if it is a minute.
  • Sleep: Improper sleeping patterns and insufficient sleep can make you cranky and thus add to your pressure. Relax well and sleep at least for 6 to 8 hours every night. Avoid eating large meal before bedtime, take warm bath and set bedtime rituals for sleep signals to sleep on time.
  • Breathe: Learn to breathe easy. Drink lots of water and breathe easy while doing any task. Taking a deep breath as you’ve heard might sound like a cliché’ but when it comes to relieving stress happens to work just fine. Deep breathing oxygenates your blood thus reducing tension.

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