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This blog post is dedicated to all those folks who get angry pretty often. I personally feel that one should get mad at something or someone only if it is very necessary and there are a few times to get mad. One should avoid anger at all other circumstances.

Don’t get mad about a sock!

It doesn’t make sense to get mad over who left a sock under the bed. A lot of times people lose their temper over topics that are simply useless to get mad over. But yet we find couples, friends, neighbours yelling at each other over these silly reasons.

What are the 10 reasons?

There are many reasons not to get angry and the following 10 reasons are specifically why you shouldn’t lose your temper at all.

  • Feeling angry is much easier than realizing the hurt the other person feels. Being mad at someone is always a surface emotion and not from within.
  • Anger is directly related to your physical body. Every time you get angry, your body goes through multiple tightness, contractions and more. So when you get mad at someone, focus on your body rather than the fiery drive. This will enable you to control your anger.
  • If you’re a perfectionist, you will tend to angrier than general people. Everything around you needs to be perfect else it disappoints you to the core.
  • Don’t suppress too many anger stories or hate stories in your head. Share it out. Anger stored in your head can make you fell miserable and will ruin your day and you don’t want that.
  • Being angry at somebody’s comments indicates that you have a tremendous Not being angry means that you don’t have an ego. Letting go of your ego is surreal.
  • You are likely to feel much more separated when angry than other times. Don’t make anger make you feel lonely.
  • Another reason to not get angry is that it gets you an unnecessary attention that you don’t wish to have.
  • If you don’t let your temper cool off, you will forever miss the chance to explore your inner self thus miss out on inner peace.
  • Anger can never bear fruitful results.
  • Anger is a trap. Stay away from it.

 Getting angry doesn’t change people.

Always remember that, if someone does something that you don’t like or something that annoys you, it means that they are doing it on purpose to hurt you. Hence in such cases, I feel that it does not make sense to get mad at someone who wants to do what they want to do. We might as well ignore them.

Why shouldn’t you get angry?

None of us should ever get angry simply because it is not worth it. Being angry doesn’t change either of the people involved in the spat. If someone ends up doing something purposely or accidentally to you, it only means to show the type of person they are. It is their nature to leave the refrigerator door open. Being mad at them won’t solve the problem.

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