What differentiates a good smartphone from a bad one?

How to decide among which smartphone to buy?

What points do you need to keep in mind while buying a smartphone?

I’ve tried to answer some of the above mentioned questions for your ease. I hope it helps you make a much better decision while purchasing a new smartphone.

With the advancement in technology, smartphones are just getting smarter, day by day. Smartphones of today are capable of doing almost anything. Whether it is making a phone call or clicking a photo; smartphones can do it all. If you have the right smartphone, you can even up the ante and get things like email, net surfing and much more done at the tip of your finger. The problem is which smartphone to buy. It is certainly hard as more and more companies are offering their flagship smartphones with nearly the same features at very competitive prices.

All of these smartphones do almost the same thing as their competitor smartphones do. So, how do you figure out which one is more suitable for you?


The following article describes a set of few points that’ll help you decided which smartphone to buy online from amazon online store and why.

What are the points to remember in order to help identify the best smartphone?

Among the many smartphones and smartphone brands out there, there exists a few that stand out of the crowd. So, begin your hunt with the best in class ones first. This will help narrow down your problem.

  • Budget: Needless to say, you have to first decide on your budget. Ultimately, this is all that matters. If you can afford an expensive smartphone, you might as well go ahead and buy the smartest phone available since you can pay for it. But when it comes to an average budget, set your boundaries in terms of the money that you’re willing to pay for your smartphone.
  • Operating System: There are primarily 3 operating systems dominating in the world right now.
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows

These are the key OS players out there. You have to be able to decide which operating system best suits your needs. Whether it is the popular Android, or the elegant iOS or the multi tasking windows; this will help further narrow down your prospects as well.

  • Technical Aspect: Once you’ve narrowed it down to a couple of phones, you now need to figure out the right specifications that best match your needs. This is necessary as you don’t want to pay for any extra bit of RAM or hard disk space that you’re never going to use. A lot of times users buy smartphones with cameras with specs that are too high for their photo shot needs
  • Play with it: After having decided on which operating system to settle down for, go ahead and test it out entirely. Play with the smartphone as you like. See how it feels and if the smartphone actually matches the criteria that you required for it to fulfil. Figure out a few other aspects such as the specifications, carrier advantage, replacement warranty and other things like that. It will help you make much thoughtful decision that general.

The Conclusion:

If you adhere to the above mentioned points, you can identify which smartphone best suits your needs today. You no longer have to worry about wandering around with several smartphones in your mind. Go ahead and buy your smartphone from amazon online store today.


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