Digital Economy World

In the current crypto ecosystem, wealth is made overnight making the digital economy richest people look like they got lucky in a digital lottery. The early adopters of this virtual currency are the ones who reaped the biggest gains and are now among the worlds richest billionaires. They have held their digital currency for years unlike the new crypto investors who rushed in because of the digital currency hype and are now suffering losses.

The recent drops in the crypto prices are not catastrophic for early digital currency investors. No matter the decline, the prices are still more that 500% of the original crypto prices a year ago when they got into the digital economy. For some who started in 2012, the prices are up to 70,000% higher. The list of the crypto billionaires is hugely based on trading volumes and market valuations.

Coming up with a list of crypto billionaires is quite difficult as the digital economy is very volatile and has no public filling. Forbes magazine could not make confirmations as in the SEC disclosures. The major goal of most digital currency systems was financial privacy so most crypto billionaires have disclosed their identity and chances are they have not made the list.

However. As Randal Lane who is Forbes editor said, “Fortunes of this magnitude should never be allowed to lurk in the shadows.” Below is a list of people who believed in the digital economy enough to invest in it when the rest of the world was still waiting for the end of the crypto craze.

  1. Chris Larsen

He is a Ripple co-founder and currently executive Chairman of Ripple. Ripple has revolutionized the digital economy by facilitating bank international payments using blockchain technology. Chris Larsen is among the world richest crypto billionaires by personally owning 5.2 Billion XRP (Ripple coins). His Net worth is at an estimated range of $7.5-$8 Billion and is bound to fluctuate depending on the prices.

  • Joseph Lubin

He is one of the founders of the Ethereum blockchain platform. He is also the founder of Consensys, a digital economy platform that helped launch crypto tokens and companies. He has become a crypto billionaire whose net worth range is between $1-$5 Billion.

  • Changpeng Zhao

Changpeng Zhao created a spin in the digital economy and founded Binance which is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. The platform has over 6 Million users. He is one of the geeks who have continuously driven on the crypto wave and he has become a crypto billionaire with net worth ranging between $1.1-$2 Billion.

  • Cameroon and Tyler Winklevoss

The brothers are among the visionaries who invested in Bitcoin back in 2012 and held onto it. Together, they build a cryptocurrency exchange company in Newyork that makes transactions of up to $300 Million daily.  Their net worth ranges between $900 Million-$1.1 Billion.

  • Matthew Melon

A believer in the digital economy of virtual currency and despite the warnings from his friends and family he went on and invested. It paid off as he is now among the world’s richest crypto billionaires with net worth ranging from $900 Million-$1 Billion.

  • Brian Armstrong

He is the founder of Coinbase back in 2012, a platform that shapes the digital economy. It is the most used platform for cryptocurrencies trading. He has a net worth ranging between $900 Million-$1 Billion giving him access to the crypto billionaire league.

There are many more crypto billionaires including Matthew Roszak, Anthony Di Iorio, Brock Pierce, and Michael Novogratz among others. This invisible wealth has many more people who are still incognito to as most digital economy investors hate to acknowledge their assets for privacy and security purposes.