Detox Dieting

Detox Dieting: The Unhealthy Way to Weight Loss

Getting into a detox diet is one of the most popular weight loss intervention currently. With so many people craving to have a quick fix to being overweight, detox diets are everywhere. In magazines, websites, social media, generally they are everywhere you look. The diet promises rapid weight loss with no exercise or work-out regime required. A detox diet ranges from taking strict herbs, vegetable or fruits diet only, to total starvation fasts. Some may use laxatives, enemas or colon cleanses. They last for different periods of time with some going for as long as three weeks while others taking a week.

If your goal is to lose weight, then a detox diet might help you achieve that. However, depending on the duration of a detox, more harm than good might come out of it. People lose weight more from the loss of fluids and carbs stores. Detox diets involve extreme calorie restrictions this guarantees weight loss, reduction in the body mass index, and reduction in body inflammation markers. The metabolic health of a person is greatly improved during a detox. But all this is short-lived if one goes back to normal eating and chooses not to change their lifestyle.

When taking part in a detox diet, hunger and deprivation become part and parcel of your day. One is expected to experience the below effects when on a detox diet plan;

  • Foul body odor and bad breath emitted from the body due to severe calorie restriction.
  • Feeling like you are on heavy sedatives as your energy levels decline to make you dizzy.
  • Never-ending headaches, boredom, hunger, bad moods and a waterlogged body system if one is taking herbs or smoothies detox diet.
  • Improved well-being after a few days. This is because one eliminates consumption of processed foods, alcohol and other unhealthy foods from their diets.

Detox diets help you drink water and green tea while avoiding heavy metals and processed foods, there is no proof that they detoxify your liver, kidney and any other toxin build up areas in your body. No detox wonder can help you get rid of that. Your body is equipped with the liver and kidney that filter any harmful substance we ingest. The kidney is responsible for removing any waste we take in our diet while the liver detoxifies medications and chemicals we ingest. If these organs are functioning, there is absolutely no need to get any detox diet.

Children, adolescents, pregnant and lactating mothers, elderly people, and persons with any medical condition should seek doctor’s opinion before engaging in a detox diet plan. This is because a detox can cause severe electrolyte imbalance in the above people that can even lead to death. Going for a detox plan to lose weight is a short-term solution that can have many side effects. The only sure and healthy way to get a tip-top body is by constant exercise and clean eating. Avoid ingesting toxic foods like junk food, alcohol, and cigarettes in your body. Eat healthy, exercise and you will not have to worry about toxins and weight loss.

A wise person once said, “When there is no ‘tox’ there is no need to detox!”