Stress: The Silent Killer 

Do you feel stressed? Are you often nervous? How do you cope up with it?

Most things are uncertain about life except for fear and stress. Every single one of us will feel fear and stressed at some or the other point in our lives. I’ve articulated this blog post based on the best tips and tricks that one can follow in order to relieve themselves of stress. I hope to answer the above-mentioned questions for all our readers.

What leads to stress?

There are several reasons for stress. Whether it is hygiene, relationship or workload; all of it can give you a tremendous amount of stress to bear on.

A small household argument with your wife over who dropped the food on the floor can lead your wife to think she is not being appreciated enough. That’ll further lead to $3000 in therapy which is extremes of stress.

Tips to Deal with Stress:

The following are a few tips on how to deal with stress. They are as follows:

  • Nobody controls your emotions. Quit believing that people are actually influencing your behaviour. Your attitude and behaviour are totally a result of what you feel and think. No one can take control of that.
  • Learn to switch your attitude with tremendous gratitude. When you’re grateful for every little thing that you have, anything extra seems like an added bonus for you. Since attitude directly links to our reaction to a particular circumstance, we need to be careful of our attitude. Relaxing the attitude can help relieve stress drastically.
  • Relax all you want. If you’re always busy working, you’re probably forgetting to take care of yourself. Learn to relax and chill every few hours to power back up. Relaxing soothes the mind and calms the body which practically drains the stress. Storing any amount of pain and anguish can be dreadful to us.
  • Change your perspective to life. Looking at life like a type of a drama that is constantly unfolding before your eyes is what you should go after. Always amuse yourself. Don’t get trapped in other people’s opinions.
  • Think clearly before taking an action. Rash behaviour often leads to bad results and that leads to stressing a lot.
  • Finally, you are not alone in fighting stress. Meet people who are constantly tackling stress issues. Discuss ideas with them. Go to stress forums and discussion groups and figure out several ways to cope up with stress.

Why shouldn’t you stress?

Stressing releases the stress hormones that affect your body adversely. Stressing hampers your attitude, work culture, behaviour and also your emotions. Letting stress take control can absolutely be devastating.

Discuss behaviour, but don’t take stress

If you’re having a bad relationship with someone or something that is causing you to stress, the best method would be to discuss that behaviour and to not stress. Talking things out always solves the problem for everyone.


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